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  1. Oh my !!!you are rockin the bright blue shades, do bring out your eyes amor.love the double flowers.Your sweeties look wonderful in turbans,always full of smiles.I think you would look good in a turban.I hate sellers that lecture about how much stuff is worth and how it is vintage.her lost. You will find another fab dress amor.Just look at that Hawaiian gorgeous dress you found for£5 thats a deal. I been dreaming of Hwaiian dresses all week.Besotes

  2. yes, jenny, yes. dammit, ikea, why aren't you in kc yet?? (not that i won't still be decorating well into 2014, when they're scheduled to finally open one here…)

  3. Hello Amanda Lee, I have one of the Knit-0-Matic knitting machines by Chad Valley to sell and was looking for some info on how old it is. The machine is in its orginal box the same as your friends and in good condition for a Vintage item. Perhaps Chris’s mum Kathy can tell me how old the machine is? Sorry not sure how to send.

  4. Love the ninja photos. That sounds like something my husband would find hilarious too. I am all over that chickpea recipe. May have to make those this week since I already have most of the ingredients. Does the chickpea bind everything together well or should I add egg?

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  6. Hey oh ha… ich wollte nach Hamburg und nach Lübeck…das würde mich dann auch interessieren, ob der W nach HH kommt nach Lübeck??? Und ist er ab 17 Uhr in Lübeck oder bis 17 Uhr???Till helf uns ;)beste grüße

  7. ben.keenDecember 3, 2006Hey guys,Awesome – thanks for the input. Lots of great suggestions! This is actually pretty overwhelming – and not just for the server.First thing’s first: I’ll make the script downloadable in the next day or two. Initially I’ll just zip everything up, but I’ll move it to SourceForge once I get a bit more time. I’ll answer all the comments above when I get home tomorrow. All the best!

  8. Larissa comentou em 11 de novembro de 2011 às 01:11. O mais legal é que parece facinho facinho com a Júlia fazendo, mas quando eu tento aqui em casa eu me queimo no babyliss, borro tudo na hora da make ou me atrapalho toda com meu cabelo (que é muito!). Espero que um dia eu consiga chegar nesse nível de prática e eficiência 😀

  9. The following time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as significantly as this 1. I mean, I know it was my choice to learn, but I truly thought youd have 1 thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is really a bunch of whining about one thing that you could possibly repair if you happen to werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

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  11. Yeah probably, I mean you would have to have the hash in encrypted form (as in GUID decrypted, but not the hash decrypted) and then just create the text file and crack it using John the Ripper. So long as you have the encrypted hash on a drive like a USB key, or somewhere where you can access it on your computer, you should be able to decrypt it. I don’t know though, but Jeff may be able to help.

  12. BTW… I systematically demolished TomC's political logic in holding to the "FDR was Satan" religion of the right. See the bottom of the comments section before this one.Alas, I do not have time to go back there. Crushed by comicon, book touring and teenagers!But good luck to us all. Order your blue civil war union kepi hat.

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  14. 2. I don’t talk with my mouth fullIt must be vexing indeed :)) But I’m afraid this “English people talk as if they have a mouthful of pasta” thing will stay with us for a long time, at least until the movie “MiÅ›” is no longer a classic of Polish comedy. In this film an announcement at a Polish airport is first given in Polish and then in “English”, which is Polish, only after the announcer has stuffed her mouth full of kluski;)

  15. Galadriel dit :La demande a augmenté, le marché a grossit. Cela a-t-il aussi une incidence sur la baisse des coûts ? Peut-être s’agit-t-il d’un cercle vertueux. (XavierQc)Dans l’encadré de votre commentaire précédent, il est dit: Ces hausses s’expliquent par la croissance du niveau de vie et la baisse du prix relatif des vêtements. Ne serait-ce pas la réponse à votre questionnement ?

  16. , I’m not sure Mr. Carreon has broken these rules, at least based on what we know. It’s possible that his representation of FunnyJunk was entered into in Arizona and related to California defamation law, even though (if I recall correctly) he was threatening to file in Federal court. But I think his establishment of a law office in Arizona might be a breach of Arizona’s rules.

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  18. is weer eens kapot gehackt.@Jeroen Ben niet boos op de Joden. Ben een grote fan van de Joden. Mijn aversie is in verband met de Zionisten en het eenvoudige feit dat zij al sinds 1897 de Jodenvervolging in Europa willen. Het onderwijs daarover is extreem corrupt. Er is overigens geen sprake van ADHD. En de Holocaust is niet geweest hoewel er gruwelijk veel Joden en andere mensen vermoord zijn, gewild en gefinancierd door de Zionisten. Joden zijn tegen Israël, dat weet je toch wel?

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  23. Not a critique of anyone or BC portfolio….I did deviate from that a bit along the way…just a bit of introspection…it would suck if Apple is sitting at 1000 and I didn’t make out large in life…I did see it doubling from 300 range last summer in a couple years time frame and thought I would make a killing in options…so, moved from common entirely to options…going to hang in there because I believe in Apple and Andy’s uncanny ability to call bottom…wished he had the same uncanny ability to call tops…we could all retire then:-)

  24. Magie de la communication surtout : on recrute quelques bataillons supplémentaires mais la « formation des enseignants » ne change pas sur le fond et la structure ne change pas non plus… alors qu’on nous annonce pompeusement la « rénovation » de l’école ? Bonjour le foutage de gueule.

  25. I don’t know how I missed this post. Sorry about Tucker. We had our Golden Retriever “Spot” for 13 years and we had to put him down last summer for heart worms. Man, it hurt. We all cried for a long time and held close the old tennis balls that he loved to play with in the yard. I look at one now that rest above my computer on a window ledge. I know that even creation cries out for the redemption of the Lord, therefore Tucker and Spot awaits us!

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  29. Robert,They recently changed their format. The ISEE number that is consistent with their historical data — and the one that I have been blogging about here — is the “All Securities” data set in of their data section.I show a 100 reading at 15:30, up from 83 at 15:10.Cheers,-Bill

  30. Bill — Often when I watch some­thing cool from your blog I show it to Ron (the Japan­ese com­mer­cial with the ball drop­ping on the ‘xylo­phone’ was a big hit). So he & I watched the Shop Vac vimeo just now and what a hoot! Kern­ing issues aside, of course. It’s com­pletely fun! Ron often has trou­ble under­stand­ing lyrics to songs, so this was PERFECT for him. And now I have those lyrics float­ing in my head.… Thanks for a great lit­tle slice of fun!XOX,Vicki

  31. Anonyme, Vous compliquez encore le problème ! Plusieurs féminisations pour un même terme, ça devient vraiment compliqué ! (même si c’est d’un de vos plus grands poëtes).Par contre, « Au lieu de s’écrier : « Encor ! Hardi ! Hardi ! »Ell’ déclam’ du Claudel, du Claudel, j’ai bien dit,Alors ça, ça me fige.  »Du Claudel !… Alors ça, ça me fige !…Pierre Henri

  32. Property as a personal, not a government asset, Burke was criticial of Hastings in the inquiry into the Indian Tea Company, so he didn’t regard corporations as absolute. It’s been years since I read Conor Cruise O’Brien’s bio of BurkeI was trying to find a parallel, to the Wilson situation, but as long as Soros provdes his umbrella, independent action would be unlikely

  33. I am thinking about working out in Orange County for more pay. I currently live in San Bernardino and want to know how bad is the traffic in the morning and in the evening. If it’s really bad, how long is the train ride on the metrolink? Any info will help a lot towards my decision.

  34. Tare asta cu ”I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one”. Am citit recent o carte întreagă (lungă È™i destul de plicti) despre ideea de persoană în dreptul american – basically, de un secol încoace, corporaÈ›iile primesc tot mai multe drepturi care odinioară fuseseră apanajul persoanelor fizice. De citit dissentul babei Ruth Bader Ginsburg din sentință, un mare exemplu de demnitate umană.

  35. Enforcement of IP law has lead to widespread discontentment in the music industry, in that fans who pirate music and get caught are treated horribly in the name of their favorite band, which is bad for a band's relationship with their fans.Also, IP law has led to, essentially, redistributive practices. A tech company that sues another company for "stealing" is hoping to get money out of the lawsuit. Using law to redistribute wealth is generally a horrible idea, as evidenced by history.

  36. OMG Dawn I am blown away once again by your awesome creativity, that glitter box is amazing I love the salt and pepper shakers idea for the glitter, the glitter house is outstanding, you are such a gifted and talented crafter you always amaze me with the fantastic creations you show, brilliant projects.hugslorraine x

  37. Heidi, I intuitively concluded your 13 act series with this particular picture/ensemble because there is that ineffable something about it, some brilliant exclamatory essence about it—an onward and upward with the CHIC sort of thing, you see.

  38. I didn’t say you were claiming to be God lol. So I guess that means I wasn’t putting words in your mouth. If these people don’t effect your life then maybe you shouldn’t have spent some of it talking crap about them. Even better! Maybe you shouldn’t have clicked on a video that was specifically about them! Way to fail. There’s my peace.

  39. Kiitos kommenteista. Pohjoisen todellisuutta vastannee se, että vanhoillislestadiolaisuuteen törmää varmasti jossain: Koulu, työ, suku, ev. lut. seurakunta, paikallislehti. Oulunseudulla kaupungilla vieraillessani lapsikatras mukana olen tuntenut selkäpiissäni “lokeroimista” – minun ei ole tarvinnut kertoa itsestäni, minut on tiedetty jo. Tunne saattoi olla turha, mutta melko ankea silti. Tällaiseen en kotiseudullani törmää.Wille Riekkinen kuvaa oikein suomalaisten uskonnollisuudesta puhumista, jonka lestadiolaisetkin ovat sisäistäneet. Minun uskostani on toki kyselty – monesti kyselijä on humalassa.

  40. Theresa good to see you back online friend. Two months is a long time for life to go black. I am sorry to read you went through such a dark period, but glad to read your soul is healing.Depression means losing hope. Focusing on your faith, and the promise of a better future it brings, will give you your hope back.

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  42. , "Well at least you didn't try to put it into the 'reader'' And I proceeded to shove it into the disc drive…we got a huge laugh! But it would be nice if there were readers on the OPACs & internets.

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  51. That’s a good link rudi, thanks. Some of it squares with what I understand, some of it will send me into more research — at least partly because it is an opinion piece.It does look like the piece glosses a couple of things. For instance: Ampad was a vehicle used to acquire other businesses (which is, I presume, the source of that particular debt). What happened to those, I wonder? CB’s failure (bankruptcy) rate was 11%, I’ve read, while this reads like nearly 100%.I do see what you’re saying about the pensions from this piece. I also think there’s some confusion about who it is that reaped the financial benefits (it was the investors…).

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  53. WarringtonPigs, chickens, mice — ALL animals deserve to be treated with respect. Would never excuse cruelty to any of them. I was merely saying that when people comment about dog eating being no different from eating another animal, I would probably disagree. The degree to which dogs can empathize with humans is uncanny. They were specifically bred to be companions to humans. In that third picture Jake looks to have just about the kindest face I’ve ever seen on a dog. I know pigs and other animals are mistreated, and that’s intolerable. I won’t ignore them just because I love dogs.

  54. I read only only first couple of sentences of your drivel. Can I ask you a question 2 questions?1) Why do you assume that you are the only person here who plays football?2) Why do you assume that if a person plays football then he should understand football? Should I name you successful managers who never played football and unsuccessful managers who were professional footballers?P.S. Start thinking before writing!Reply

  55. If Hillary the Great contests Obama in 2011 how many Jews do you think will not vote for her? Who voted her for Senate even after her respectful attention to Suha Arafat while spewing blood libels of poisoned wells against Jews?

  56. Tem razão Andreia…eles estão muito lindos..hoje estive no Parque e vi como eles estão prontos pra ir pra um lar..Vale a pena demais!!!!!!!!! Espero q muitos possam pelo menos ir ao Parque e conhecer esses amores! um abraço grande!

  57. Miracolo, un editoriale in cui non parla di un programma dove lui partecipa o si pavoneggia perché conosce tizio e caio…Manca solo che fa commentare le vaccate che Mimun scrive in ogni numero di Sorrisi e siamo a cavallo…PS. Non è che dipende dal fatto che un programma del venerdì sera ha fatto degli ascolti pessimi? Aveva un nome che iniziava per K…

  58. Loved this post so much! Thanks for this! As a “meat eater” in a blog world full of tons of veggies and more greens than I can eat in my lifetime I sometimes feel like no one takes me seriously because I choose not to eat “their” way. I’ve mentioned before that there are multiple paths to achieving one’s health and fitness goals…what works for me may not work for others. That’s all there is to it. No need to judge someone’s choice!

  59. The Blackboard lawsuit filed in Texas is patently absurd, but clearly evidence theysee their end is in sight. The migration to second life has begun, and the best venues and platforms there will all be open source.Whey they are thrown out of court in Texas they should just curl up and fade away.

  60. – Natürlich ist es besser, wenn man sich eine Meinung selbst aus verschiedenen Quellen bildet. Aber eine allgemeine Stimmung gegen Nazis kann nich falsch sein.Es gibt jede Menge rechtschaffender Farbiger in den USA. Aber anständige Nazis kann es per se nicht geben!!! Was natürlich nicht heißt, daß sämtliche Straftaten von Nazis begangen werden.

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  66. Hi Lesley, So sorry to see that you lost your Puddy. That makes me very sad. I still think of Trampas everyday. He was one in a million. I have a rescue GSP/ESS cross, Floyd, who is a lovely lad and keeps me busy. He reminds me of Trampas in his love of life and fun. I do hope that you are keeping well and can think of Puddy and smile. Much love. Jo and Floydy Boy. xx.

  67. As I read the text of the bill to my wife, the first words out of her mouth were “neighborhood watch.” I went back to the beginning and re-read it in that light. My 4-cell Maglite(r) is “other weapon” if they want to define it as such, so this does cover NW. Peter.

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  70. , I don’t think we should ignore that issue, either. Having no experience with breeders, I’d love to hear from someone who would be interested in writing a guest post from that angle! Amanda, let me know if you’d be interested!!

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  73. Ich glaube, dass das inzwischen bei fast jeder Band so ist: Erst Ticketverkaufsstart, dann VÖ, dann Tour. (Aktuelles Beispiel, das mir dazu einfällt: Rise Against, Volbeat – früher Onkelz…) Mit den ausverkauften Shows ist es, wie schon geschildert: Teilweise kommen immer mal wieder Rückläufer rein, die werden dann natürlich wieder eingestellt.

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  75. Stu was one of the most amazing people I have meet, and his ability to handle all the curve balls that life has thrown him and his family these past 4 years is amazing. I will miss Stu very muchJoseph Kay MDAssociate Professor of Medicine and PediatricsUC Denver School of Medicine.

  76. Es ist außerdem Tag des geistigen Eigentums und vermutlich noch eine Million anderer Tage auch. Am besten gefällt mir am heutigen Tag allerdings trotzdem, dass er ein Freitag ist. Schönes Wochenende!

  77. Kudos to TSG !!! A few of us were recently bemoaning that TSG had lost their relevance in the last year or so… well, we wuz wrong, they were busy and found themselves a nice feather for their cap. Keep the momentum this time !Aces

  78. waverley: oh it shd be a meter long but i don't hv the plate or board for it. i may have made a mistake about the ingredients. i used cocoa powder for 'powdered chocolate' n a friend pointed out tt it could be drinking chocolate powder. what do you think?

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  80. Rhaaa, La Poule! Je la suis, tout comme La Souris, depuis 3 ans maintenant (ai découvert Marie, Anne-Sophie et "toutes les autres" dans la foulée…) , avec toujours autant de délectation. J'en suis au point où elle est devenue mon "maître à penser"… Ouioui, j'en suis aussi au stade du fanatisme – pathologique? – (un peu comme la plupart des tricoteuses qui la suivent, je crois), mais ca va j'assume!! 😉

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